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About Us

Seattle Green Toys provides healthy sex toys to enhance intimate relationships and to encourage informed sexual exploration.

Founder April Cook launched Seattle Green Toys after discovering that an alarmingly high percentage of the sex toy market revolved around low-quality, toxic products.

Seattle Green Toys selects only the best non-toxic sex toys on the market today. Each product is carefully chosen and must meet the highest of standards in form, function, and quality.

Why We Do This - Safety

Who would have guessed that a great number of sex toys are actually harmful, using chemicals banned in many other product fields?


Many people are not aware of the toxic material used in some sex toys.  The most common culprit is phthalates, plasticizers that are used to soften PVC vinyls. 

In human and animal studies, low level exposure to phthalates have shown threats to developing human reproductive systems, low sperm count with DNA damage, premature breast development in young girls, and exacerbation of allergic reactions to allergens. High levels of phthalate exposure have been shown to cause to cancer.

Phthalate Bans

In 1999, the FDA and EPA banned phthalates in childrens’ pacifiers, soft rattles, and teethers. In 2008, Congress approved a nationwide ban on phthalates on children’s’ products. In early 2010, Australia put a complete ban on any products containing more than 1% DEHP (a common phthalate), because of international research linking it to reproductive difficulties. 

Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the ‘adult’ industry. 

Our Pledge

Seattle Green Toys holds its products to a higher standard, and will not carry any products known to contain phthalates or other toxins.

Further Reading

Further information on the specific dangers of phthalates can be obtained from Wikipedia or from the Pollution in People Web site.

Why We Do This – Going Green

In addition to promoting healthy sex toys, we are an environmentally conscious company. We seek out products from companies who implement sustainability practices, and do our best to identify environmentally conscious products.

Thank you for supporting Seattle Green Toys!